An individual goes through an emotional state in his life between 34 - 35. Changes, transformation, happiness, loneliness, success, mourning. We will go deep inside his mind seeing his moods how they live together, as if it was a tale story

Walking City

Walking City talks, criticises and makes fun of the rat-race in which we live in the big cities, we journey through every day life stopping to contemplate different characters and situations, inviting the audience to reflect on their own reality.

State of Mind

This piece explores and penetrates the innermost emotions processed by a human being. It is a struggle in between heart, mind and body.


SHOW VENUE Date Time Place
SON 23th of February 2016 20:00 Teatro - Bogotá, Colombia
34/35 30th of April 2016 20:00 Schwankhalle Theatre - Bremen, Germany
State of Mind 29th of April 2016 20:00 Schwankhalle Theatre - Bremen, Germany
34/35 28th of April 2016 20:30 Teatro del Bosque - Madrid, Spain
Espiral 14th of November 2015 19:00 Festival Flamenco Fusion - Mexico DF
Walking City 9th of October 2015 20:00 Teatro Barakaldo - Barakaldo (Spain)
34/35 29th of April 2015 20:00 Teatros del Canal - Madrid (Spain)
Walking City 17th & 18th of April 2015 -- Contemporary dance festival - Pune (India)
34/35 (premiere) 14th & 15th of march 2015 20:00 Albert Bosh Thetre - Stuttgart (Germany)
Walking City 11th of march 2015 20:00 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - San Sebastian (Spain)
Walking City, tour 2015 -- Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasil. (Venues TBC)
Walking City 4th of October 2014 20:00 Auditorio Alcobendas - Madrid
Walking City 27th of September 2014 21:30 Teatro can Ventosa - Ibiza
State of Mind 25th of July 2014 21:00 Teatro Principal - Burgos.
State of Mind 3th of may 2014 20:00 Sala Verde Teatros del Canal - Madrid

About Us


"CARMELO SEGURA COMPANHIA" is an emerging Contemporary Dance Theatre Company created by Carmelo Segura, in London 2007. Since then the company has been working on researching within different art forms, combining them with contemporary dance in order to develop its own way of expression on the stage.

The company is based at Centro de Danza Canal, Madrid. Sponsored by INAEM (Spanish Arts Council) and supported by the Spanish National Dance Company - CND.

In 2014, the company was awarded twice with the pieces "Walking City" and "State of Mind"

Currently Carmelo Segura´s work is distributed Internationally. Germany, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Spain, they are some of the countries you could see his work.

Choreographer / Artist Director
Carmelo Segura

Carmelo Segura

Born in Madrid, Carmelo Segura began his career in classical ballet at the age of 7 years old, training with Dagmara Brown Ballet (Ballet Nacional de Cuba), and taking various Contemporary Dance courses with Frances Bravo, and Carmen Werner amongst many others. At 18 years old he was granted a 3 year scholarship at one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in London, Millennium Dance 2000 LTD, where he graduated with a Professional Diploma in Dance & Performing Arts and was granted the "Student with more merit" award.

In his extensive career, he has had the privilege of working in various productions at the Royal Opera House in London, Covent Garden, and other West End shows.

After 10 years in London, Carmelo Segura returned to Madrid, where he started working as a dancer, being later promoted to Dance Captain in different Musical Theatre productions.

Currently Carmelo Segura is working full time as a Choreographer and Artist Director of his own company and as a guest Choreographer for other Dance Companies across the world.

Creative & Technical Team
Creative Team

Creative Team

Choreographer/Artistic Director: Carmelo Segura
Assistant Choreographer: Kristine Lindmark

Technical Team

Executive Director: Carmelo Segura
Distribución: Marisol Perez / María Fernandez
Production Coordinator:
Susana Estruga
Audiovisuals: Koldo Mikel Rus
Aerial Supervisor: Zenaida Alcalde
Graphic Designer: Jesus Sanz Sebastian
Photographer: Miguel Serrano (Rojo Ponto)
Physiotherpist: Jacinto Moreno
Lighting Designer: Israel AG
Costume Designer: Rocío Gonzalez - GLEZ
Technical Chief: Miguel Marrupe
Web developer: Chema Juárez

Dancers / Performers
Carmelo Segura

Dancers / Performers

Kristine Lindmark
Helena Ripoll
Yolanda Torosio
Carlos Rodas
Luis A. Largo
David Vilariño
Celia Muñoz
Maria Mateo
Max Allen
Elvira García
Bruno Rodrigues
Iria Fernández
Chema Zamora
Woody Santana

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